Fertilization Full Care Program

97% Pesticide Free Program


Application 1 Early Spring

Balanced Fertilizer with Iron, Crabgrass Pre Emergence

(Stimulates Spring Green Up, Controls Crabgrass)


Application 2 Late Spring

 Balanced Spring Fertilizer with Iron, Weed Control

(Promotes Rooting, Greening and Controls Weeds)


Application 3 Early Summer

 Slow Release Fertilizer, Spot Weed Control, Insect Inspection

(Enhances Color, Controls Weeds, and Inspection for Summer Insects)


Application 4 Late Summer

Slow Release Fertilizer, Weed Control, Insect Inspection

(Enhances Color, Controls Summer Weeds, and Insect Inspection)


Application 5 Early Fall

Balanced Fertilizer, Spot Weed Control

(Helps Mend Summer Damage, Control Weeds)


Application 6 Late Fall

                Special Fall Blend Fertilization

                (For Improved Winter Health)


Smaller Programs Available Upon Request


What Makes Modern Lawn Care Different?

Here at Modern Lawn Care, we truly have a passion for helping lawns look their best.  We network with fertilizer manufacturers to custom blend products tailored to the specific needs of your lawn.  We continually adjust the products used based on weather and your lawn’s responsiveness instead of a one size fits all approach.        


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