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Few processes can benefit your lawn as much as core aeration. This process can not only save you money on your watering bills, it can also help you to get more out of your fertilization program. Recommended Spring and Fall. Even once a season, the benefits from this process can be seen all year long. The benefits are not immediate but are steady throughout the entire growing season.

Lawn aeration is the process of removing many cores of thatch and soil from your lawn. By creating these openings throughout the lawn, it allows passageways for water, air, fertilizer and nutrients to enter the soil for better absorption. This results in a thicker and healthier lawn.

Core Aeration FAQ's

Should we leave the cores left by the aerator?

Yes! Those cores maintain nutrients; when the cores break down, those nutrients go back into the ground. This will take approximately two weeks.

Can aeration damage underground utilities?

The aeration process can penetrate up to four inches into the soil. We recommend marking any underground utilities that could be damaged from the core aeration process. We recommend marking invisible dog fences and sprinkler heads to help avoid damage.

My lawn has poor soil (clay, sand); how often do you recommend I aerate?

For lawns that have poor soil conditions, we recommend aerating at least once a year.

What are telltale signs that my lawn NEEDS a core aeration?

Thick thatch, water runoff, compacted soil, sodded lawns

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