When weeds continually pop up in your ornamental beds it can be frustrating. Nobody wants to spend their spring, summer and fall removing weeds from their landscape. Weeds do not take any breaks during the growing season and are constantly trying to take hold in your landscape. There is no way to prevent 100% of weeds in your landscape, but preventative and post-emergent bed weed control applications can do a great job in minimalizing the number of weeds that pop up in your landscaping.




Preventative Bed Weed Control


Preventative bed weed control is a dry granular application that works by putting down a 1-2 inch thick Pre-emergent barrier. This barrier prevents weed seeds from germinating or rooting into your landscaping. This application is not effective against weeds that are already established but it will prevent weeds from reseeding themselves. This application is typically bundled with a post emergent bed weed control application for best results. This application will not harm your existing plants.




Post-Emergent Bed Weed Control


A post-emergent bed weed control is a liquid application that works by going after already established weeds in your landscape. This treatment is non-selective, meaning it will control whatever it comes in contact with. This is beneficial because often times grasses will start to grow in your landscaping and they cannot be controlled by selective weed controls. Our specialists will only treat weeds and undesired grasses in your landscaping unless otherwise specified. Within 48 hours you will notice the weeds starting to wilt and die. Depending on weed type and size, all weeds should be completely dead within 14 days. This application kills the entire plant from the top down to the roots. We always add surfactants to this application to prevent it from running off and damaging non-targeted plants. At this point all dead weeds should be removed from the landscaping. This application will only take care of weeds that currently exist in your landscape; just like your lawn, follow up applications may be necessary later in the season. If you want an entire bed or specific area cleared of all plants take a look at our Ground Clear Application.

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